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    Finding the right doctor for your primary care needs is important. Let us answer frequently asked questions regarding primary care, family & internal medicine, preventive wellness & more.

    What is a primary care provider?

    Primary care providers (PCPs) are similar to coaches, directing and coordinating all aspects of your health care – physical, emotional and mental. They listen to your questions, assess symptoms, recommend treatment approaches, prescribe medication and refer you to the proper specialist when needed.

    Do I need a primary care provider?

    It’s important to have a primary care provider. They get to know you, your history and your family health history. Building a long-term relationship with your PCP can translate to major health benefits over your lifetime, such as lower overall health costs, a decrease in hospital and ER visits, and better management of chronic diseases.

    I rarely get sick. Why do I need a PCP?

    Your primary care physician can identify health issues in their early stages before they become major problems. They offer preventive care such as immunizations, regular imaging & lab testing, such as cholesterol, blood pressure, flu shots and cancer screenings, as well as diet and lifestyle advice to maintain or improve your health.

    What should I discuss with my primary care doctor?

    Be open and honest with your doctor regarding what’s going on with your health. Don’t hold back if something is bothering you.

    How often should I see my PCP if I consider myself in overall good health?

    Seeing your doctor once a year for a physical exam is an excellent way to manage your health. Many health insurance plans classify an annual physical as preventive care, and some plans cover preventive care services at no charge.