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  • Lipotropic Injections

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    B12 & Lipotropic Fat Burning Injections

    Our fat burning, lipotropic injections are a great additional to our medical weight loss programs.

    Why an Injection?

    The process for absorbing B12 is complex. An injection is used for the best optimum absorption. Injections have a large advantage over diet and oral supplements because they bypass the gastrointestinal tract and allow for direct access into your body’s bloodstream. Your body depends on B12 to make blood cells and maintain a healthy nervous system.

    Vitamin B12 is a nutrient your body cannot do without for efficient, healthy metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. B12 injections promote more energy and help jump start a healthy metabolism and are used in conjunction with our weight loss programs.
    B12 is essential to your body, but not all B12 is created equal.

    Cyanocobalamin is likely the most common form of B12 injection. It is an inexpensive, synthetic form of the vitamin which does not occur in nature. This common type of B12 injection contains cyanide. Yes! Cyanide – the poison. Valley Medical uses Hydroxocobalamin, a better, more expensive form of B12, that does not contain cyanide. An added benefit of Hydroxocobalamin is that it also remains in the body’s tissues longer than the other forms on the market.

    B12 Injections can help:

    • Boost energy level
    • Detoxify energy levels
    • Detoxify the body
    • Ease stress
    • Aid in digestion
    • Promote healthy immune function
    • Reduce depression
    • Promote better sleep
    • Improve vision
    • Convert carbs to energy
    • Essential for healthy skin and nails
    • Metabolize fat
    • Promote a healthy metabolism